Genshin Impact Confirms Phase 2 Banners For Update 4.0

Genshin Impact's version 4.0 has unveiled the roster of four-star characters and weapons set to appear in the upcoming Phase 2 banner cycle.

Genshin Impact Confirms Phase 2 Banners For Update 4.0
Genshin Impact Confirms Phase 2 Banners For Update 4.0

The official announcement from Genshin Impact has revealed the lineup of limited characters and items featured in the second phase of version 4.0. This latest update introduces the enchanting Hydro nation called Fontaine, replete with fresh characters and iconic locations for adventurous Travelers to uncover.

In the world of Genshin Impact, each update consists of two distinct banner cycles, each showcasing a unique assortment of limited characters. The initial banner cycle for version 4.0 showcased the newly introduced five-star Pyro bow user, Lyney, alongside her four-star rarity sibling, Lynette. This banner also marked the return of the beloved Hydro character, Yelan.

For players eager to bolster their character collection with these featured personas, the window of opportunity extends until approximately September 5th when the banner is set to conclude. A few weeks prior, Genshin Impact's Special Program event divulged the identities of the five-star characters headlining both banner cycles. A recent announcement via the game's social media channels has now disclosed the lineup of four-star characters and weapons that will accompany Zhongli and Tartaglia in the Phase 2 banner. As per the announcement, the forthcoming Limited Character Banner will include the following characters:

  • Zhongli: A five-star Geo polearm wielder.
  • Tartaglia: A five-star Hydro bow user.
  • Noelle: A four-star Geo claymore user.
  • Sayu: A four-star Anemo claymore user.
  • Freminet: A four-star Cryo claymore user.

Notably, many enthusiasts in the comment section have remarked upon the unusual aspect that all four-star characters wield the same weapon type, a rarity in the game's gacha banners. The Geo user Zhongli emerges as a standout, being widely recognized as a potent and valuable character in the lineup, a sentiment that's hardly surprising considering his alternate title, Liyue Archon Morax.

Zhongli's capabilities encompass the creation of formidable shields through his Elemental Skill, Dominus Lapidis, ranking among the most potent in the game. Both Zhongli and Tartaglia made their debut in Genshin Impact's version 1.1 and played pivotal roles within the Liyue narrative arc. Tartaglia, also known as Childe, retains his standing as one of the premier Hydro DPS characters thanks to his adaptable combat style that enables seamless transitions between ranged and close-quarters combat.

Adding a touch of novelty to the banner, the sole new character featured is Freminet, whose presence is intertwined with Fontaine's primary storyline. Similar to the five-star Cryo claymore user, Eula, Freminet boasts a distinctive skill set tailored for dealing Physical damage. Meanwhile, both Noelle and Sayu are recognized as proficient support characters in Genshin Impact, adept at delivering substantial healing and shielding assistance to their allies.

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