Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Wriothesley Rarity, Weapon, and Element

Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Wriothesley Rarity, Weapon, and Element
Genshin Impact Leak Reveals Wriothesley Rarity, Weapon, and Element

A recent leak from the Genshin Impact game has unveiled more details about the character Wriothesley, who is anticipated to be introduced in version 4.1.

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Contrary to initial beliefs that Wriothesley would be a Polearm user, the leak indicates that he will actually be a five-star Cryo catalyst user. While there have been some rumors surrounding his backstory and elemental affinity, information about the upcoming playable character Wriothesley in Genshin Impact has been limited until now. Speculation about when he would make his debut in the game has been the extent of available details.

As per the regular maintenance timeline, Genshin Impact version 4.0 is set to unveil a range of new content on August 16th. Among the additions is the Fontaine region, featuring fresh characters, formidable adversaries, and intriguing non-player characters. The Fontaine area is characterized by intricate puzzles and submerged sections. This novel civilization showcases a majority of its inhabitants adorned in Victorian-style attire and residing in splendid abodes constructed with neoclassical architectural influences. Drawing inspiration from France, Fontaine also incorporates steampunk elements like intricate clockwork inventions and machinery. It's important to note that players who have completed the "Archon Quest Prologue: Act 3 Song of the Dragon and Freedom" will have the opportunity to explore this region upon the release of version 4.0.

Mero's recent Genshin Impact leak has divulged additional insights into Wriothesley's attributes, confirming that he will wield a five-star Cryo catalyst and debunking earlier speculations about him being a Polearm user. If these details hold true, Wriothesley will be one of the twelve Catalyst units available in Genshin Impact. While the character's original design and backstory remain shrouded in mystery, it is reportedly expected that HoYoverse will introduce Wriothesley in version 4.1 of the game.

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Wriothesley is a Cryo Catalyst, NOT a polearm like previously thought
by u/ISRUKRENG in Genshin_Impact_Leaks

Fellow Genshin Impact enthusiasts have taken to the comments section to share their perspectives on Wriothesley. Some are optimistic about his potential role as a physical damage dealer, while others are abuzz with excitement at the prospect of him being the first Cryo catalyst user in the game, if the leaked information holds true.

Given Wriothesley's status as a five-star character, obtaining him might prove more challenging compared to other characters within the game. While there is a chance that he might not fulfill the role of a physical DPS due to the fact that catalyst users generally focus on elemental damage, earlier leaks suggesting his role as a physical damage dealer have been met with skepticism by many Genshin Impact players participating in the Reddit discussion.

As for his visual design, a concept art shared by a notable leaker revealed a notable resemblance between Wriothesley and Sampo from Honkai: Star Rail. The prevailing belief is that HoYoverse will introduce Wriothesley as a playable character in the version 4.1 update, anticipated to arrive later this year.

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