Genshin Impact Player Finds Well-Hidden Chest in Fontaine Region

Genshin Impact Player Finds Well-Hidden Chest in Fontaine Region
Genshin Impact Player Finds Well-Hidden Chest in Fontaine Region

The Beryl Region within the Fontaine area presents a significant challenge for players searching in Genshin Impact. However, a helpful video guide has been created to provide clarity on locating this elusive chest.

With the arrival of Version 4.0, enthusiasts of Genshin Impact are immersing themselves in the newly introduced zones of Teyvat's latest region, Fontaine. Amidst the serene peaks and submerged ruins, an astoundingly well-concealed treasure has been discovered by a resourceful player. The tradition among Genshin Impact's community to meticulously explore new zones immediately after their release has been particularly rewarding and intricate in the secrets-rich Fontaine. While not as vexing as the enigmatic puzzles of Inazuma in Genshin Impact, the aquatic realm of Fontaine, with its Hydro-focused challenges, has certainly kept players engaged both above and below the water's surface.

Engaging in activities involving Pneuma and Ousia, navigating shifting polarities, manipulating hydrograna, and adopting abilities from underwater creatures, Fontaine encapsulates the cumulative lessons and feedback accumulated throughout the Inazuma and Sumeru expansions. Many players share the sentiment that Genshin Impact's exploration aspect continues to improve, with Fontaine standing as a testament to this progression. Although fewer Hydro Sigils are required for enhancing the Fountain of Lucine compared to the Tree of Dreams in Sumeru, collecting all the chests within Fontaine remains a substantial endeavor.

Certain treasure chests in Genshin Impact prove to be elusive, particularly when their spawning conditions deviate from the standardized exploration mechanics characteristic of each region in Teyvat. This is especially true for the treasure chest uncovered by a player known as ChibiCreed, who generously shared their discovery with the official Genshin Impact community on Reddit. While the chest is also presented as a mini puzzle on the Teyvat Interactive Map, players can locate it by teleporting to the southeast waypoint in the Beryl Region of Fontaine.

Hidden Chest! **Fontaine**
by u/ChibiCreed in Genshin_Impact

As depicted in the video guide, Genshin Impact players must undertake a specific strategy to decipher the puzzle. This entails switching to a character proficient in archery and targeting the birds soaring near the abandoned houses. Once the display of exceptional marksmanship is accomplished, an Exquisite Chest materializes right in front of the structures. This chest reward grants players two Hydro Sigils, propelling them closer to achieving a 100% Map Completion for the latest Genshin Impact region.

Enthusiasts have delighted in their initial exploration of Fontaine. Anticipations are high as the region is expected to unveil its northern extents for players to delve into within the forthcoming update. Genshin Impact's Version 4.1 banners have revealed the inclusion of characters like Wriothesley, Neuvillette, Hu Tao, and Venti. Both Wriothesley and Neuvillette assume pivotal roles in the Archon Quest of this version. While comprehensive details about the new zone remain limited, it's reasonably assumed that it will present its fair share of intricate puzzles as well.

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