Genshin Impact: Sayu Build Guide

Genshin Impact: Sayu Build Guide
Genshin Impact: Sayu Build Guide

Here are our suggestions for optimizing Sayu's build in Genshin Impact.

Sayu, the petite member of the Shuumatsuban in Genshin Impact, has taken on a role in Inazuma's Irodori Festival event. During this event, players had the opportunity to engage with Sayu, a sleep-deprived ninja dressed as a tanuki. However, assisting Ayato and participating in missions is not the extent of Sayu's capabilities. She also stands out as one of Genshin Impact's most innovative and enjoyable characters to use in gameplay.

Sayu, a four-star character in Genshin Impact, wields an Anemo Vision and a hefty claymore that likely outweighs her by double. Her distinctive technique involves somersaulting across the battlefield reminiscent of a certain blue hedgehog's style. This skill proves valuable for both combat encounters and swift exploration of the Teyvat realm. Continue reading to discover the optimal approach to building this diminutive, slumbering, spinning support character.

Updated on May 6, 2022, by Kyle Gorges: Since her initial release, Sayu has firmly established herself as an integral part of some of Genshin Impact's most creative and effective teams. Whether she's rolling over adversaries in a strategy reminiscent of Beyblade or serving as a means to traverse the expansive world of Genshin Impact, Sayu undeniably occupies a unique position within the game's roster. This guide has been refreshed to ensure that Sayu's momentum never falters.

Best Weapons for Sayu

Best Weapons for Sayu
Best Weapons for Sayu
Weapon Name Base ATK Secondary Stat Passive Ability
41 Energy
Sayu's Critical Hits have a 60% chance to
generate Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the
character that receives them. This effect can occur once every 12s.
Rainslasher 42 Elemental
Sayu's DMG against opponents affected by
Hydro or Electro is increased by 20%.
42 Energy Recharge Sayu's Elemental Skill DMG is increased by 6%. When her Skill hits
an opponent, Sayu loses 3 Energy but regenerates 3 Energy every 2s for the next 6s.
This effect can occur once every 10s, even when Sayu is off the field.
46 ATK Sayu's ATK is increased by 20%.
When she hits an opponent with less than 30% HP, all party members' ATK is
increased by 40% for 12s. This effect can occur once every 30s.

Sayu typically stands as the sole Anemo character within her teams, necessitating a significant focus on Energy Recharge to ensure frequent utilization of her Burst ability. The Favonius Greatsword proves immensely advantageous in this regard, facilitating Sayu's Burst regeneration through the weapon's Energy Recharge secondary stat and its inherent passive attribute. With higher Refinement levels, the passive effect becomes even more reliably effective.

The Rainslasher, often criticized for its perceived lackluster performance, holds more potential for Sayu compared to most characters. The Elemental Mastery offered by this weapon enhances Sayu's Swirl damage and healing proficiency, particularly when partnered with Hydro or Electro teammates. If the Rainslasher has been dormant in your inventory, consider employing it with Sayu for a practical boost.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa boasts a name and passive ability that might be a mouthful, yet the impact on Sayu is quite straightforward: a substantial increase in Energy Recharge. This weapon significantly accelerates Sayu's Elemental Burst recharge rate, proving invaluable in battles requiring additional healing.

While five-star weapons are typically earmarked for DPS characters, if you happen to possess an extra one, it can be fitted onto Sayu. The Wolf's Gravestone stands out among these options due to its impressive ATK stat, which not only bolsters Sayu's healing capabilities but also augments the team's overall damage output through its team-wide buff.

Best Artifacts for Sayu

Best Artifacts for Sayu
Best Artifacts for Sayu

Set Name

Set Bonus

Set Bonus


Anemo DMG Bonus +15%

Sayu's Swirl DMG is increased by 60%, and the opponent's Elemental
RES to the element infused in the Swirl is reduced by 40% for 10s.

Artifact Set Analysis

The Viridescent Venerer Artifact set undeniably stands as an overwhelmingly powerful choice when recommending equipment for Sayu.

For players intending to utilize Sayu in an offensive manner, her Skill will involve maneuvering between adversaries and consistently initiating Swirl reactions with any active elemental effects. This particular Artifact set substantially amplifies her Swirl damage output. Given her Skill's extended duration, it becomes possible to trigger Swirl reactions multiple times across various elemental influences, consequently significantly diminishing the overall defenses of opponents.

The Viridescent Venerer set consistently ranks among the most formidable Artifact sets within the game, and Sayu emerges as an outstanding beneficiary of its effects. There is little need to explore alternative options for an Artifact set better suited to her capabilities.

Artifact Stats

Sayu's abilities derive their potency from various distinct stats, contributing to the complexity of selecting her Artifact pieces. As a general guideline, employing Elemental Mastery (EM) Sands, EM Goblets, and EM Circlets will optimize her offensive capabilities by amplifying her Swirl damage. This heightened Elemental Mastery will slightly augment her healing proficiency as well.

Should the primary concern be the recharging of her Burst ability, utilizing an Energy Recharge (ER) Sands instead of focusing solely on Elemental Mastery is a reasonable approach. Similarly, if bolstering Sayu's healing potential is the objective, a Healing Bonus Circlet can be chosen. This decision predominantly hinges on how you intend to deploy Sayu within your team composition.

In terms of Artifact sub-stats, prioritizing Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge holds merit for the same aforementioned reasons. Additionally, an ATK% sub-stat proves advantageous for Sayu as it simultaneously enhances her damage output and augments the healing potency of her Burst ability.

Sayu's Talents And Constellations

Sayu's Talents And Constellations
Sayu's Talents And Constellations

Sayu's Talents

Should your intention be to employ Sayu primarily as a rapid-switch healer, your focus will primarily rest on elevating the level of her Burst ability. Conversely, if you aspire to utilize her proactively as a frontline attacker, prioritizing the level-up of her Skill should be a paramount consideration.

In either scenario, Sayu typically relies less on her Normal Attacks, rendering their leveling less crucial unless you possess surplus resources to allocate.

Sayu's Constellations

Sayu possesses several Constellations that significantly enhance her effectiveness and prowess.

Her first Constellation, C1, resembles Bennett's C1, liberating her Burst from the HP restriction and enabling it to simultaneously execute attacks and healing. This Constellation proves highly advantageous.

The second Constellation stands out as well, elevating her Skill's damage output by a maximum of 66 percent. Given that Sayu's Skill constitutes her primary offensive mechanism, this Constellation holds substantial value.

Sayu's C3 and C5 each amplify the levels of her Burst and Skill by three, respectively. While these Constellations may not showcase extravagant effects, the augmented power they confer is unmistakably noticeable.

The fourth Constellation for the Shuumatsuban scout empowers her to restore a modest quantity of Energy every time she initiates a Swirl reaction. Although the Energy replenishment isn't extensive, Sayu can trigger this effect multiple times during her Skill duration. This proves especially valuable for Sayu, who can encounter challenges in generating adequate Energy independently, particularly when she stands as the sole Anemo character in her team.

Sayu's sixth Constellation empowers her Burst to scale in accordance with her Elemental Mastery stat. The heightened Elemental Mastery directly amplifies both the healing potency of her Burst upon characters and the damage it inflicts on adversaries. Considering the Elemental Mastery focus in Sayu's build, this Constellation presents a substantial enhancement to both facets of her Burst ability.

If you have a strong affinity for Sayu and wish to exercise prudence with your Primogems, it's advisable to consider halting your investments once you acquire her second Constellation. Sayu's C1 and C2 deliver substantial benefits, offering significant value for your resources. While her subsequent Constellations are certainly beneficial, the initial two stand out as the ones that will be most perceptible and impactful in your gameplay experience.

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