Hilarious Genshin Impact Video Shows Why Klee is Perfect for Fighting New Enemies

A Genshin Impact enthusiast has posted a video demonstrating a clever technique for utilizing specific characters to effectively overcome some of the new Fontaine adversaries.

Hilarious Genshin Impact Video Shows Why Klee is Perfect for Fighting New Enemies
Hilarious Genshin Impact Video Shows Why Klee is Perfect for Fighting New Enemies

A humorous Genshin Impact video showcases how gamers can employ particular characters like Klee to streamline their battles against certain new foes. The latest significant update has ushered in a multitude of novel adversaries to the game, some of whom demand players to adapt their gameplay strategy. Various enemy factions populate the game, including the Abyss, the Fatui organization, Treasure Hoarders, and more.

Within each of these Genshin Impact factions, there exist members of differing ranks, each of which is manifested in their respective abilities. To illustrate, while a few Fatui adversaries such as the Fatui Skirmisher or Fatui Agent are categorized as Common Enemies, others like the Eleven Harbingers often assume the roles of primary antagonists in the game's Archon Chapters.

A Reddit user under the moniker Beginning_Use8539 has shared an amusing video showcasing their skirmish with one of the newly introduced adversaries known as Assault Specialist Mek. This commonplace opponent made its debut alongside Genshin Impact version 4.0 and is part of the Clockwork Meka group, which falls within the Automaton family. Despite these elegant contraptions originally being designed in the Hydro nation to aid laborers, they were eventually repurposed for combat purposes. Although contending with them can prove challenging, the video unveils a fascinating tactic for evading one of their most vexing assaults.

a stupid machine
by u/Beginning_Use8539 in Genshin_Impact

When the adversary begins utilizing a modified firearm that inflicts Pyro elemental damage, the player adopts a straightforward approach by approaching the formidable mechanized entity (Mek), resulting in the misdirection of all of the adversary's bullets. The Mek's firearm lacks the capability to discharge projectiles downward, leading to the entirety of its attacks sailing harmlessly over the diminutive character Klee. This comical and entertaining interaction has garnered substantial attention within the gaming community, prompting several comments that even suggest this tactic could be applied to other characters possessing smaller in-game models.

Amusingly, certain enthusiasts playfully propose that this particular interaction might contribute to reinstating Klee, a Pyro user, into the metagame. In earlier iterations of Genshin Impact, Klee held the distinction of being an S-tier DPS unit due to her potent area-of-effect capabilities. However, her debut coincided with the game's initial release, and subsequent characters of greater intricacy and sophistication have since outperformed her in terms of overall damage output.

Dedicated fans have been expressing their desire to see the game developer, HoYoverse, implement enhancements for some of the original characters such as Klee, Diluc, and Jean, among others. Nevertheless, it appears improbable that the game will undergo such substantial adjustments, as the developer's primary focus seems to be on introducing new characters and expanding the diverse regions within the expansive world of Genshin Impact.

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