Honkai: Star Rail Player Reaches Level 70 in the Game

Honkai: Star Rail Player Reaches Level 70 in the Game
Honkai: Star Rail Player Reaches Level 70 in the Game

A dedicated player of Honkai: Star Rail has achieved an impressive feat by reaching Trailblaze Level 70, which currently stands as the game's highest achievable level. This accomplishment was accomplished in a span of just a few months of devoted playtime.

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In the immersive space-fantasy RPG, players can gradually elevate their Trailblaze Level through a combination of advancing the main storyline, completing supplementary quests, and engaging in limited-time events and challenges. Much like the model employed in Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail receives periodic updates and fresh content from its developer, HoYoverse.

In the recent update, version 1.2 of Honkai: Star Rail introduced additional main story missions specifically tailored for players who had met the requisite Trailblaze Level and had successfully finished all the story missions from the previous version, 1.1. The stipulated requirements for Trailblaze Level escalate as the main narrative progresses. Players could be prompted to fulfill specific tasks like Adventure Missions and explore Simulated Universe worlds if their current level proves insufficient. Fortunately, Honkai: Star Rail provides an array of content that allows individuals to attain the game's current maximum Trailblaze Level. This trend is expected to continue as future updates promise to furnish players with sources of experience points and corresponding rewards.

The Honkai: Star Rail enthusiast, known by the moniker JetSetHan, has recently accomplished the remarkable milestone of reaching Trailblaze Level 70. This pinnacle currently represents the apex of achievement in version 1.2. Although JetSetHan has seemingly dedicated a significant amount of time to the game since its launch on April 26th, the specific strategies employed to attain Trailblaze Level 70 in such a short span have not been shared. Nevertheless, this accomplishment has sparked speculation about a potential future augmentation of the maximum Trailblaze Level. This speculation stems from the description of the game's Trailblaze Level, which designates 70 as the "current" highest level. This stands in contrast to Genshin Impact's Adventure Rank, where level 60 is indicated as the permanent cap.

Player Reaches Level 70 in the Game

Hit level 70 just now!
by u/JetSetHan in HonkaiStarRail

In Honkai: Star Rail, players have the opportunity to accumulate Trailblaze EXP through a variety of in-game avenues. These include Trailblaze story missions, Adventure Missions, daily tasks, and exploration of Simulated Universe worlds. Furthermore, Trailblaze EXP can be obtained by unlocking treasure chests and utilizing Trailblaze Power. During the initial stages of Honkai: Star Rail's main storyline, players can expedite their progress through the acquisition of Trailblaze Levels by engaging in Golden Calyx activities.

The achievement of Trailblaze Level 70 within Honkai: Star Rail necessitates a significant commitment, largely due to the substantial amount of EXP required for a single level up within the range of 60 to 70. It has been observed by some users that the natural accumulation of Trailblaze Level XP tends to reach a plateau around level 66, towards the conclusion of Version 1.2's storyline. This progression stall prompts them to engage in more extended farming sessions in order to attain the subsequent level. Anticipated future updates are likely to introduce additional sources of EXP, suggesting that some time may transpire before HoYoverse considers the possibility of augmenting the current level cap.

The impending launch of Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.3, expected towards the conclusion of the current month, leaves players with a few weeks to participate in the ongoing lineup of in-game events, subsequent to catching up with the main narrative. Although a definitive increase in the level cap has not been confirmed for the upcoming update, players will benefit from an elevated total Trailblaze Power limit of 240. This enhancement enables them to partake in more Calyx and Simulated Universe activities, thereby garnering additional Trailblaze Level EXP and facilitating their progression.

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